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So maybe you’ve decided to host your son’s or maybe a close friends’ wedding rehearsal dinner.    I always think a theme is easier to work around and fun.  I find it easier because it gives you direction with all your decorations, centerpieces and it can even help with the food choices.

Here’s a collection of ideas I’ve gathered of different wedding rehearsal dinner themes.  Remember, just because it may look like a lot of work and too complicated, you can always simplify. No rule against that!

How about a “Starry Starry Night” theme?

 Absolutely gorgeous!starry night 2


…a picnic themed dessert buffet perhaps?

picnic themed wedding rehearsal dinner

Here’s for the bibliophile.

 book theme

And for baseball lovers…

of course you can change it to fit your favorite sport.

baseball wedding rehearsal themed dinner

A New England themed dinner if you’re from the coast…

new england themed wedding rehearsal dinner

a beach theme

beach themed wedding rehearsal dinner

Farmer’s Market or Garden Themed Dinner

garden wedding rehearsal theme dinner

a travel theme

travel themed wedding rehearsal dinner


Shabby-chic styleshabby chic wedding rehearsal

and finally, a relaxed western style theme.

western style wedding rehearsal dinner

Which ones of these are your favorite?  What other themes can you think of?

Please feel free to share.

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